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Performance features of cast aluminium parts
AUTHOR:Aspire International Trade    TIME:2017-09-22 21:48:00
Performance features of cast aluminium parts: Information abstract:

Performance features of cast aluminium parts:
One, can make the inner cavity, the shape is very complex rough. Such as all kinds of box, machine bed, cylinder block, cylinder head and so on.
Two. The technology is flexible and adaptable. The size of liquid forming parts is almost unlimited, and its weight can be from several grams to several hundred tons. Its wall thickness can range from 0.5mm to 1m. In industry, any metal material that dissolves into liquid can be used for liquid forming. For cast iron with poor plasticity, liquid forming is the only way to produce its blanks or parts.
Three, liquid molding parts cost less. Liquid molding can directly utilize waste parts and chips, and the equipment cost is low.
Cast aluminium is a kind of handicraft, which is widely used. It is mainly used in aviation, spaceflight, automobile, machinery and other industries, especially in the automobile industry.

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