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Advantages and disadvantages of copper parts processing
AUTHOR:Aspire International Trade    TIME:2017-09-22 21:56:00
Copper processing is mainly to look at its color, copper, copper is good copper. Information abstract:

Copper processing is mainly to look at  its  color, copper, copper is good copper. Having brass, color, head, light. There are copper plated zinc, tin plated, white, is inferior copper, copper impurities, bend down, hand broken into two pieces, there are black impurities.
Copper was one of the earliest to find old metals, and as early as three thousand years ago, people began to use copper. Copper piece processing weight and density 8.92, 63.541083 (c) melting point, boiling point is 2.567 degrees celsius. Having a surface of pale pink or red copper and copper oxide film. It looks like copper. Copper has many valuable physical and chemical properties, such as thermal conductivity and conductivity, which are very high stable chemicals, tensile strength, ease of welding, corrosion resistance, plasticity, ductility. Pure copper parts can be drawn into thin wires, made of thin copper foil. Copper forms alloys with zinc, tin, lead, manganese, cobalt, nickel, aluminum, iron, and other metals.
Copper is a pro element, and in nature, copper parts are processed only in the form of nitrogen oxides formed under strong oxidizing conditions, and can form natural copper under reduced conditions. At present, copper has been found in the earth's crust and is related to more than 250 types of copper bearing copper oxides, sulfides and similar compounds, and natural copper and copper sulfate, carbonates, silicate minerals. There, applicable to metallurgical conditions, currently serves as the industrial mineral raw material 16. Natural elements: natural copper sulfide, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, covellite, Margaret, sulfur, copper, tetrahedrite, arsenic and copper Fahlerz copper oxide: red and black copper copper sulfate, carbonate and silicate minerals, malachite, azurite, malachite, silicon water, copper sulfate, copper chloride.

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