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390(395 )Airless sprayer machine
390(395 )Airless sprayer machine
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390(395 )airless sprayer, the whole machine is mainly used for coating and water reagent spraying.
Model: 390    
 support  021 tip   Graco Electric Piston pump    Motor power: 5/8HP, 1560w 
Power requirement: 110V/60HZ       
Max. pressure:227bar/3300PSI    
Lenth of high pressure hose:15M       
Type of hydraulic oil:Anti-wear hydraulic oil ISO VG46         Standard.tip : RAC 517
detail accessories and packing: 1pc SPRAY GUN  /   1pc 15 m  pressure hose  with  joiner / 1pc 519 nozzle  tip  / 1pc 50 cm extension pole   / 1pc 1pc oiler  / Tool kit / manual  /   foam  and  carton  package / Guarantee parts for one year: motor, electric control board, gearb

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